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The 5 day Intensive COURSE

for individuals and couples


The Intensive Course is a psychotherapeutic, spiritual method to work on yourself and/or on your relationship. This method was developed by me Martien Janssen over the past twenty years. It takes place at Martien’s home where he offers a safe and comfortable place to work on yourself and to go on your inner journey.

This course is offered to anyone who needs something more or different than a conventional psychotherapy and who wants to connect to their own spiritual power to initiate the changes he/she needs. In the last 20 years, more than 200 people from the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria and Thailand have experienced and benefitted from the Intensive. About one third were couples, the rest were individuals. Their age varied from 18 to 84 years.


There are many reasons to come to an individual intensive including: 

  • a life crisis, because of a divorce, the loss of a loved one, the loss of a job, or confronted with the diagnosis of a serious disease

  • find yourself in a difficult life-transition (i.e. a mid-life crisis, the transition from your parents’ home to independence)

  • want to create a balance in your life and reconcile with your family to say goodbye

  • want to make an important decision and have a problem finding answers to questions like: “Shall we live together?” (marry, get a baby, etc.…?)

  • are in a relationship that is troubled by sexual problems, intimacy is lost, or you or your partner has fallen in love with somebody else

  • feel a deep need for answers on spiritual questions like: “What is my life task?”; “What is the meaning of my life?”; “What does spirituality mean to me?”

  • feel a need to work on and overcome persistent blockades, fear or habits

  • are confronted with painful memories on sexual abuse or other childhood hurts

  • want to know why some problems return again and again and change this.


The Inner Journey

The Intensive is an old and new spiritual and psychotherapeutic method. It is an old method because mankind has always used forms of retreat from the outside world in order to find answers in the silence of a monastery cell or dessert, where communication with the inner planes was easier and inspiration came in form of dreams and visions. It is a new method because psychology/psychotherapy and spirituality are not divided anymore; they melt together and reinforce each other in wonderful and unexpected ways. You will experience life as an intense process of growth & development and in dreams, meditations, counseling sessions, body therapy and breathing techniques you will go on a “vision quest” like the Native Americans did in former times.


During these five days, you can take leave of the daily stress and struggles to examine the roots of your existence with a maximum concentration and devotion, so you eventually can return to your deepest source. As soon as your mind is no longer distracted by the outside world it redirects itself inwardly. Only then you can overcome the blockages that separate you from the inner source (wisdom)


Working with the Inner Child

Working with the inner child will help you to understand your own personal development from childhood to adulthood; you will find out what kind of conclusions you have made through your childhood negative and traumatic experiences and how these have unconsciously affected your way of thinking, feeling and acting until this very moment. You will examine the patterns that were initiated in your childhood and formed by the family history. Your parents taught you the same patterns and lessons (usually with the best intentions) that they once had learned by their own parents; as a result, you learned certain negative lessons that continually and unconsciously influence your thinking, feeling and acting.

  • You will meet your father and mother in the disguise of inner critical voices and you will become aware that you are still influenced by unhealthy and life denying family patterns that were carried on for generations

  • You will meet the baby that you once were and you will experience how it felt when your soul entered your life here on earth. Could you trust life and did you have enough warmth, love and support so you could develop healthy relationships later in life?

  • You will play with the child within and remember how magical the world was to you. You will discover that your creativity and fantasy arise from the child within when its feelings of inferiority are healed and the confidence that might have been lost is recovered


When we meet with the former selves we encounter our own eternal and never ending soul that creates its own reality. We meet our future selves who can finally support us in the development of our true qualities. The injured child within unites with the original divine child we all once were.

Speaking from the Heart

Connecting with you heart will help you to learn how to think with your heart and feel with your brain. You will learn to channel the wisdom of your heart that can guide and teach you. To hear its voice, we must learn to stop the chatter of the mind so we can meditate and become silent in our head. The language of the heart is non-violent, understanding and always speaks the truth.


Methods & Languages

You will have 2 sessions of 60 minutes and 1 session of 90 minutes per day. After the sessions, you are alone to process the experiences (e.g. while walking through the park) or to write or draw about it. Every session brings you one step deeper into your own inner world, which is not so scary or boring as you may think.

We have become deaf to our inner voice because of countless media impressions, many short-lived and often superficial contacts with colleagues, friends, children or partner. We hardly know the healing power of silence and being alone with yourself.


All the sessions can be conducted in English, German or Dutch.


When the inner quietness is established you can learn to channel the inner wisdom that is always there when you are open for it.


Martien employs eclectic methods to work with his clients including:


  • Bodywork (bio-energetics & core-energetics), breathing exercises, rebirthing

  • Working with the Inner Child 

  • Working on the family history

  • The 12 life lessons (Steve Rother)

  • Brainwave Therapy

  • Working on dreams

  • Meditation

  • Non-Violent Communication

  • Guided Phantasies

  • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing)

  • Regression Therapy

  • Inner Voice DialogueCreative writing

  • Trance, hypnosis

  • Mediation


You will have a single room with opportunities to immerse yourself in painting/drawing, writing, dancing, and creating music, etc. You will also have access to the Brainwave Mind Machine. We offer biological and vegetarian food and drinks. Mineral water and juices are always available and included in the fee. Tell us about your allergies or likes and dislikes, and we will prepare the best possible meals for you! 



Martien’s home is located in Dortmund, Germany.

From Düsseldorf International Airport:

Circa 65 km 50 minutes’ car ride or 1 hour by train.


From Amsterdam:

Circa 225km 2.5 hours’ car ride or 2 hours 15 minutes by train

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